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Despite being church land since its earliest mention in 940AD — the area south of the A4 belonging to the Abbey of Chertsey and that north owned by Hurley Priory — Littlewick had no public place of worship of its own for many centuries. Littlewick people, who cared for the abbots’ pigs in what was a heavily-wooded area, would have attended the churches at White Waltham and, later, Shottesbrook, using the footpath known as the burial path.

Ffiennes Manor (on the site of the present Ffiennes Farm) had a private chapel which was used as a chapel of ease, but this seems to have ceased before Elizabeth 1’s reign.

St John's Catch Up

Dear All,

This coming Sunday we will be celebrating All Saints Day and All Souls Day, at our Family Eucharist at 9.15. We will be able to remember those loved ones who are no longer with us. At St John’s you have the chance to place a red rose in the church in memory of a loved one. Their name/s will then be read out at the end of the service. If you would like to buy a rose, they cost £3.50, please let Yvonne (822862) or Jenny (822886) know. It would help if this can be in the next day or so, as Yvonne will be buying them shortly. Even if you do not want to buy a rose, just come to our service and have time to reflect on those no longer with us.

Looking back to the 17th October,  it was a joy to have Dilys with us again after nearly 2 years. Thanks Dilys and we look forward to your next visit.


Our Sunday Club meets for the second time during our Family Eucharist service. I know Sally and Helen have been doing much planning. The children loved the first Sunday Club meeting and I am sure they will do so again. If your child/children have not yet attended and would like to, please just come along. I am sure they will enjoy themselves.Fr John will lead us now that he is back from some holiday.


Our Remembrance service will be led by Tina. Unlike last year, we are hoping for a full church. Wreaths will be laid on behalf of St John’s, The Littlewick Green Society, White Waltham Parish Council , Hurley Parish Council and the local Scout group. Jenny tells me that she will be providing refreshments for after the service.


Our Family Eucharist will be led by Fr John with Nigel playing the organ

SUNDAY 28th NOVEMBER. No service but our church will be open for private prayer 11am to 4pm.........

..... and before you know it, we will be planning for our Christmas services!!!!


Just as a reminder, Sandra will be holding her Traidcraft coffee mornings on Friday 121th and Saturday 13th November, at our house...OAKLEIGH, GREEN LANE, LITTLEWICK GREEN. 10.30am to 1.30pm  Please do come and support Sandra, and of course, the suppliers from the Third World.

Finally, during these last 18 months, our various rotas came to a halt. In particular, our cleaning rota and coffee rota. It would be very good if we could try and get these stated again. So, if you were involved or would like to help out, can you let me know .I will pass your details on.  Neither takes up much time, and in the case of the cleaning one, it will relieve me of one of my many jobs!!

That’s it for now,

God Bless.




Posted on Monday, October 25, 2021

St John's Catch up ..........and Minecraft Church on Sunday 10th October

Dear All
There are many times in one’s life, when you look forward to an event but suffer the anxiety as the date gets closer, that it may not work out as you expect.  After 4 years of planning, constructing and preparing,  I had just that feeling as we approached last Sunday and our first Sunday Club meeting and not least, as we waited in church for the arrivals! The cabin heating was on, blinds up and Helen and Sally with Sophie eagerly waiting.

We needn’t have worried. By the start of the service, we had 13 children in church, 11 who joined the Sunday Club and left with Sally and Helen during the first hymn, the two remaining were just a little too young for the time being. Staying in church was also Bonnie the dog and almost Seb and Tamar’s cat!!..the cat follows Seb around the village and was quite eager to join in the fun......Dog and Cat, well No, I could see the possible implications!! The children returned during the last hymn and then talked to Fr John about the activities they had done.

What a great start, the first Sunday school at St John’s for possibly 30 years. Sally tells me that she will be contacting the families before the next meeting on November 7th, to let them know what the children will be doing. I can tell you that all the children loved the club and are excited to come again. Jenny’s daughter, Vicky has also offered to lend a hand, which will help to cater for the numbers and the age range. Tina did take a few photo’s, and with the parent’s permission, these have now been placed on our parish web page  If you would like to let Sally know if your child/ children would also  like to attend, please email her at: or email Helen at :

LOOKING FORWARD..................

  This Sunday 10th October, at 4pm, we have Rev Kevin Colyer with us who is going to give us an insight into Minecraft Church. Yes, that’s the computer game MINECRAFT!!  The big screen will be up and Kevin will illustrate how this all works. Children as well as adults can come along with their laptops or ipads and help Kevin build on the big screen. Many of included will just come to listen!!!This will also be a first. Should it prove successful, we may well see if we can start a Minecraft Church here at St John’s next year, probably not on a Sunday, to cater for the older children and early teens. Please do come along and support Kevin. Old or Young welcome.  

AND FURTHER FORWARD..........  On Sunday 17th October 9.15. we will welcome Rev Dilys back to Littlewick so do please join us .

AND FURTHER AGAIN..................

On the 31st October at 9.15, we hold our All Saints/Souls service. This is the time when we remember those loved ones who have left us. Jenny Robinson and Yvonne Tomlins are now taking orders for red roses. You can buy one for anyone  you want to remember, they cost £5 and these roses will be placed around the church, with the names of those to be commemorated. These names will also be read out at the end of the service. To book your Rose, please telephone Jenny on 01628 822886 or Yvonne on01628 822862. I am told that it would really help to have the orders early for planning reasons.


It does seem a long time since Keith left us. In that time much work has been done to prepare for and advertise for our new Vicar. I am pleased to confirm that we have received a number of applications in response to our recent advertising, and we will be interviewing candidates on Friday 16th October .

The Parish is indebted to Fr John, who willingly came to us last Year, to support and encourage us whilst we  looked for a new Vicar. He has served the three churches unstintingly and with dedication, making sure that all three churches were and are able to offer services, weddings, baptisms and of course funerals, during the most challenging of times!

Finally.......Sandra tells me that she is now ordering a supply of TRAIDCRAFT  Advent Calendars’ .......I know it’s early but apparently they go quickly and we need to get an order in soon.  They cost £4.99 for milk or plain chocolate or if you prefer, without chocolate at £3.99 Please ring Sandra on 822282 or email her at  Her mail order service is going so well....all helping the Third World!

God Bless.


Posted on Thursday, October 07, 2021

ST John's Catch Up..........................AND SUNDAY CLUB

6 DAYS AND COUNTING............................................................

After some 4 years of planning we are just 6 days away from our first Sunday Club ( Sunday School) session. This is being held on Sunday 3rd October at 9.15. Helen and Sally have been planning the fun for some months and we are so excited that at last we will be able to offer the children of Littlewick Green a Sunday Club on the 1st Sunday of each Month.

I do hope you will join us next Sunday  at our Family Service. The children will be led out of church during the first hymn and brought back during the last hymn. The plan is for them to be led back into the side aisle ready for a blessing and to present any work they have done, or to tell us what they have done, just before the end of the service.

I even have a buzzer so that I can warn  them when to return from the back of the church.....although knowing me I will pop my head out just to make sure.

At 11am on Sunday, after the service, Thomas and George are being Baptised. Thomas was our little Jesus in the Nativity play 3 years ago . Lizzie and Daniel  have signed Thomas up for Sunday Club so I hope he keeps clean!!!!!!

Helen tells me that quite a few have said they are coming and if you have not and would like your children to join in the fun, then just come to church on Sunday and your children can join the others...all are welcome. Of course, you can also get in touch with Helen or Sally, their details are on the notice I have attached

Thanks to all of you who came to our Harvest service last Sunday and who left gifts in the porch. The Montessori School came during that week and left a very large assortment of tinned food, so we had a very good selection of food and some clothing. Keith Robinson and myself, filled a large box for Food Bank and the rest was taken to Yeldall Manor on the Wednesday. I also had two donations of money that also was given to Yeldall Manor. The church looked splendid with the many flower displays prepared by Yvonne, Lynn and Gail.

  Yes, this really is Minecraft!  On Sunday 10Th October, the Rev Kevin Colyer will be introducing us to his Minecraft Church, at the All Age 4pm Service........I know, I  can  almost hear you say  “ what’s that all about”

Well, to most 8 to 14 year olds, it’s a computer own Grand Son Sam, is so in to Minecraft that he walks around the house in a Minecraft  dressing gown and he’s 11.

Kevin developed Minecraft Church during lockdown. He is Curate at St Michael’s in Bray. He will demonstrate it using our big screen and anyone coming into church with a laptop or IPad will be able to help him build something which will illustrate a bible story!! How mad is that. If it works we may well be able to form a Minecraft Church Club for the older children/teen next years?

I am told that this is very much open to all so, why not come to the service and see for your selves.

To add to our month, I am so pleased to tell you that Dilys will be preaching and leading us again, on the 17th October...the first time in over 18 months. Please put that in your diary.

Finally, On Sunday 31st October we will celebrate All Saints Day and remember those known to us who have died. Jenny is once again going to arrange for the red roses so, look out for more information and purchase them in memory of loved ones.

Gosh, what a month we have...I look forward to seeing you all and hope you can join us at one of our services in October.

God Bless


Posted on Monday, September 27, 2021

Harvest Catch Up at St John's.

Dear All,

I have just popped into St John’s, with a bag of apples, to find Yvonne, Gail and Lyn busy decorating our village church ready for our Harvest Service this Sunday. It looks spectacular. We are so lucky to have Yvonne and her team on hand to make sure St John’s is always looking so splendid. So, it would be great if you are able to join us on Sunday at 9.15, and for you to bring your Harvest gifts to be left on the Chancel steps. As I mentioned last time, your gifts will be taken to Yeldall Manor and I know that as well as tinned  and fresh food they really welcome toiletries, socks and other useful items for the young men who rehabilitate there. I will be dropping the gifts off on Monday.   

To have some young ones with us, bringing their gifts, is always special.....It is our chance to thank God for the many gifts we have been given....especially at a time when so many have so little!

If you are not able to come to the service, could you drop off some gifts in the church porch? They really are appreciated.

Looking back to last Sunday, Tina prepared a really lovely All Age service. I know the amount of time Tina spent on preparing for this service. Unfortunately, little did we know that it clashed with the Littlewick Green Cricket Annual awards event on the Green. Never the less, thanks to Tina, and all those that did make it, especially little Oscar, celebrating his 3rd Birthday....gosh how time flies!


Sally has done a poster which is attached. The Sunday Club starts on Sunday 3rd October.............

.............   16 Days and counting!

Hope to see you Sunday

God Bless


Posted on Friday, September 17, 2021

St John's Catch-up and All Age and Harvest special!

Dear All,
With Fr John on his Hols, I am pleased to tell you that Tina will be doing the All Age Service on Sunday starting at 4pm.  If the weather is good, I think Tina will do an outside service near the cabin. I know Tina will put a lot of her energy into the preparation for the service so I hope many of you will come along and join us.

Fr John will also be away in October and will miss the All Age on the 10th October. I have invited Rev Kevin Colyer  to join us . Many of you will remember that Kevin has been with us for a couple of times at the 9.15.    He has developed what he calls Minecraft Church. This is an exciting initiative to reach out to all  all ages. He has offered to come along to the 4pm All Age service, so that we can see what it’s all about.. He has said that the very young will have lego to hand whilst the slightly older ones will be obsorbed in the Minecraft service!!!!!!

So, a date for your calender, I will of course, be reminding you all again, nearer the time.  I am also going to chat to Kevin before October, so should be able to tell you a little more, nearer the time. For now, could you make a note of the date as we would like to give Kevin a good welcome to our 4pm service.

Sam, one of our Grandsons, is absolutly mad about Minecraft, he even sleeps in minecraft pajamas, and walks around  the house in his minecraft dressing gown!!!!...oh and he’s 12!


Our Harvest thanksgiving will again be included in our 9.15 Family Eucharist on Sunday 19th September. I am sure Fr John will use some of your favourite Harvest Hymns? As you will remember, due to the Pandemic, we missed the normal Harvest Supper last year. We will again miss the supper, just to be on the safe side. However, Jenny and I will  make sure that we revert to the normal plan and have a service in the afternoon followed by the supper, next year.

So, please bring along your gifts either during next week,  leaving them in the church porch or, of course, bring them to the service. They will be collected up and I will take them to Yeldall Manor, the Christian rehabilitation centre as gifts from St John’s. Some items will also be donated to The Maidenhead Food Bank.


The funeral of Maurice Hart took place last Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration of the life of Maurice and fitting, that his horse drawn hearse  departed from his house, and was taken around the village green with the family and friends walking behind. By the time it reached the lych gate, quite a crowd had gathered. The coffin was carried by 6 friends from the village,through the churchyard to the church. It was a full church with over 130 people in attendance.. This was truly a village coming together, to both mourn and to celebrate Maurice. A lovely man who will be greatly missed.

That’s it for now, so hope to see you on Sunday for the All Age service at 4pm.



Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2021

St John's Sunday School/Club  and Catch Up

Dear All,
Well, we are nearly there! We started planning for a Sunday School nearly 4 years ago and we are so excited to confirm that the first session of The Sunday Club will be held on  Sunday 3rd October. That’s just weeks away !! ( my last catch up did say 5th September so please note the change)

As I have reported many times, Helen and Sally are going to run the Sunday Club and it will be held during our 9.15am  morning service on the first Sunday of each month.

Helen and Sally have written you a letter and this is attached. They have also attached a simple form that would help them to have a little information. Please do send this back to Helen, her email details are at the bottom of the letter. They do want to emphasis however, that this should not been seen as a commitment, but it will help them plan the first session. Also, all children attending on the first Sunday each month, will be welcomed to go to the cabin for the Sunday Club activities,  whether a form has or has not been completed.  By letting them have your details however, they can keep you informed of upcoming  Sunday Club activities. They are aiming to cater for the ages of 3 – 10, although they do want to be inclusive for all children.

There has been much fun planning for the sessions and, the important word is FUN. They want the children to have fun so that they want to come again.

The plan, as Helen says, is for the children to leave their parents during the first hymn, returning to church for a blessing at the end of the service. If they have done any painting or drawing, Fr John will invite them to come up and show us all.

This is a major highlight in the life of our village church and I do hope you will give Helen and Sally all the support you can and encourage them as we grow our younger congregation. So, PLEASE PUT THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY. I will of course, remind everyone nearer  the  time.

We were recently visited by The Archdeacon and I enjoyed showing him around. He was very impressed, not least at our ideas for the new Sunday Club.

4pm ALL AGE SERVICE. Sunday 12th September,

Keeping to the theme of young people, I am pleased to tell you that Tina will be doing our all age service in September, as Fr John will be on holiday.  If the weather is fine we may well have the service outside, if not then it will be in church with the Screen up. In either event, we are grateful to Tina for offering to do this service and I hope many of you will come and join in. This time, we will be able to sing again, the first time for the All Age in more than 18 Months!!   Our September services are as follows:

Sunday 5th September 9.15am  Family Eucharist with Fr John and Nigel playing for us.

Sunday 12th September 4pm. All Age with Tina .

Sunday 19th September 9.15am Family Eucharist with Fr John and Nigel.


Rowena Upcott mentioned to me yesterday, how nice it was to see the many changes in the way our services are  run, now that some of the restrictions have been lifted, and I agree, not least having a small choir and all of us being able to sing again!

Sandra and I are away w/c 13th September, returning late on the Saturday, so during that week, Keith will be opening and closing and Jenny has promised to set up for the Sunday, so that we don’t have to be in too early !  


Our advertisement will go out in the next week or so and we hope to consider a short list for interview on Tuesday 5th October. The interviews are planned to take place on Friday 15th October. I have been asked by the Archdeacon, to join the interview panel to represent the interests of St John’s. So, there will now be a representative from the three churches.

TRAIDCRAFT COFFEE MORNING.......A date for your diary.

Each year Sandra has a coffee morning to sell goods and gifts ready for Christmas and to raise much needed funds for Traidcraft. This year the dates will be Friday 12th November and Saturday 13th November, so please pop into your diary.

That’s it for now ..................................JUST 30 DAYS TO GO UNTIL OUR FIRST SUNDAY CLUB and counting!!!!   

Take Care.


Posted on Monday, August 30, 2021

“ On Sunday 10th October, we welcomed Rev Kevin Colyer into St John’s to demonstrate his Minecraft Church…based on the successful computer game Minecraft. The children arrived with their iPads to help build on the big screen. It was a great success and we may well repeat in the new year…cutting edge for St John’s as someone said”
Our first Sunday Club on Sunday!

On Sunday 3rd October, our new Sunday Club for 3’s to 11’s met for the first time in the Sunday School Cabin, during our 9.15 Family Eucharist. 11 children joined in the fun, two smaller ones stayed with parents in church, with Bonny the dog, oh and almost a cat that follows Seb around the village! Sunday Club will meet on the first Sunday of each month.
What a fantastic start!

St John’s ready for Harvest 2021
The All Age Service
With temperatures in the 80’s, we moved the All Age Service to the open . Well done to Fr John who seamlessly created  a service with a minutes notice. Sally and Helen opened the Sunday School cabin and served refreshments
April 2021 and we are again able to have Easter services again.
Easter Garden. The tomb is empty and Jesus has risen
Easter Flowers
COVID restricted Easter Sunday Service
Garden of Gethsemane, ready  to receive the Host
on Maundy Thursday
“ Our church will feature in a forthcoming episode of Midsomer Murders. The film crew spent 4 days at St. John’s, filming inside. This followed some weeks filming at various locations in the village. No idea what took place inside, so we will have to wait until next year to find out!”
The Lychgate with Snow
The churchyard  has a wonderful carpet of Crocuses and Snowdrops as Spring approaches
A wonderful floral display for Christmas
Advent Wreath
Our Crib with Nativity Scene
We have challenged the village children to decorate the lychgate and to make animals and figures for the empty Stable.
600 led lights have also been installed for Christmas
All age worship being led by a valued member of our church family 
The recent socially distanced opening and blessing of our Sunday School Cabin
‘Mary and Joseph’ arriving at our Crib Service last December and arriving with  two ‘angels’ looking on in 2018
Sandra, Richard, Sally and Joleen...with John on the camera, holding a planning meeting in the rain complete with sanitizer at the ready
Feast of All Saints with a Eucharist at Littlewick Green on 1st November 2020. The service ends with an opportunity to remember our own loved ones
Remembrance Day November 8th 2020
We were pleased to carry out our own special and COVID restricted, act of Remembrance on 8th November. Wreaths were laid ( left to right) by Sandra Moore’s , St John’s Church, Pat McDonald, chair of White Waltham Parish Council, Steve Harrington, Councillor Hurley Parish Council, Paul Spencer Secretary Littlewick Green Society and Pete Matthews, Cub Leader Littlewick Cubs who represented all of the children from the Village. St John’s remained open all day, for those wishing to carry out their own act of Remembrance
Although a non-conforming congregation was listed in White Waltham in 1710, there is no saying it was in Littlewick. Indeed, although part of John Wesley’s Ruscombe house is now in Littlewick Lodge, there is no record of Methodist activity either.

The 18th century seemed a ‘sadly slack time as regards religion’ (as local historian Henry Bannard wrote) and only improved early in the 19th. At that time a handful with strong convictions became worried about Littlewick’s spiritual state and they either built, or had built for them, a wooden meeting house or chapel at the bottom of the Green.

The later, more solidly-built, chapel opened for worship around 1837. It became Congregational around 1860 and, after 1890, was finally settled as a Methodist church.

Despite its changing denominations Littlewick’s chapel was attended by people of all persuasions from its earliest days, due to the fact that there was no other place of worship very nearby. The first regular Church of England services only became available in 1875 when the new village school was consecrated for public worship.
Finally, in 1893, Miss Frances Elizabeth Ellis of Waltham Place provided £15,000 to build and endow a church at Littlewick adjoining the Green.

Maidenhead architect EJ Shrewsbury followed the Gothic style to create a church to seat 125 worshippers. It was built, by old-established builders Messrs R Silver & Sons of Tittle Row, in blue Pennant stone.
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Littlewick’s church was consecrated and opened on Wednesday December 27 1893 — St John the Evangelist’s Day — by the Lord Bishop of Oxford. The first vicar, Thomas Henry Wrenford, started his duties immediately, only giving them up 40 years later due to ill-health.

Since then there have been 11 vicars. The 12th, Keith Nicholls took up his duties in 2009 and retired in 2020.

Cruciform in shape, Littlewick Church has a west turret above the porch which carries two bells. The north transept was dedicated as a children’s corner by Mrs Miller of Littlewick Place to the memory of her husband and son of six months. At the moment, it is used as a place for quiet prayer. In the larger south transept is the organ and vestry.
Villagers subscribed to a collection to install the present altar rails in memory of their first vicar after he died in 1935.

Littlewick Green Church The Great East Window, divided into four main ‘lights’, tells the story of the Nativity in mystical form and uses strong colour symbolism. It was designed and executed by James S Sparrow of King’s Cross, London. You can see his signature in the shape of a sparrow. The window was placed in the church by Mrs Gilchrist Thomas in memory of her son, Sidney.

The centenary was celebrated with a flower festival which coincided with 10th anniversary of birth of Ivor Novello. This composer, actor, filmstar and playwright lived in Littlewick from 1927 to his death in 1953. There is a bust of him in the church.

Courtesy of Lynn Penfold
St John’s Sunday School Cabin
After 2 years of planning, the new Sunday School Cabin was finished in March. This new facility at Littlewick Green, will satisfy the need of our younger families, for the start of a Sunday School. Initially, it will be available for families coming to worship, who need a quiet ....or not so quiet place during the service. A buzzer  system will call them back for the Blessing. The new cabin, built in Canadian Cedar, has a small kitchen area as well as its own toilet.  It will also serve as a general meeting room for St John’s.
We are a Parish in the Deanery of Windsor and Maidenhead within the Diocese of Oxford

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