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Despite being church land since its earliest mention in 940AD — the area south of the A4 belonging to the Abbey of Chertsey and that north owned by Hurley Priory — Littlewick had no public place of worship of its own for many centuries. Littlewick people, who cared for the abbots’ pigs in what was a heavily-wooded area, would have attended the churches at White Waltham and, later, Shottesbrook, using the footpath known as the burial path.

Ffiennes Manor (on the site of the present Ffiennes Farm) had a private chapel which was used as a chapel of ease, but this seems to have ceased before Elizabeth 1’s reign.

St John's Catchup

Dear All,

May I first start by reporting on the All Age service last Sunday. As I said in my last Catch Up, Helen and Sally opened the cabin for families to look around and chat about the Sunday Club......a name change from Sunday School, suggested by Seb and Tamar. They  provided refreshments and gave the children and some of the adults as well, planted Sunflower seeds to grow

The temperature was in the ‘80’s and as it got close to 4pm Fr John suggested we should hold the short service outside the Cabin.  We moved a few chairs outside and Fr John did an inspirational off the cuff service. What a great success. Thanks to Helen and Sally for organising the cabin opening. Looking forward, the next 4pm All Age is on the 11th July and will be the last before September. We  hope to open the cabin again for those of you who could not make this month. Whether we can again have another  outside service is going to be down to the weather!  If you go to we have posted a couple of photographs Tina took .They are in the St John the Evangelist  section.

Sally and Helen are now planning for the first Sunday Club in September. If you are interested  could we ask you to email Sally with the names and ages of your children. I know there is already much interest and it would help them in their planning


Before I list them, can I thank Eleanor who played the Piano for us a few weeks ago. I just hope it will not be too long before we can all sing again.

20th June ( this Sunday coming) 9.15. we welcome back Rev. Kevin Colyer to lead our service with Teresa Kennard preaching and Nigel retuning to play for us.

27th June:  Open for private prayer  11am to 4pm.

4th July 9.15. Family Eucharist.

11th July 4pm. All Age short service.

18th July 9.15 Family Eucharist.

25th July. Open for private prayer  11am to 4 pm.

SUMMER LUNCH. 4th July...Postponed.

I referred to the summer lunch, being organised by Jenny and in aid of Parish funds, on 4th July, in the last Catch Up. Unfortunately, due to a further extension of the Covid restrictions, Jenny and I have had to decide to postpone this event until after the restrictions have been lifted. We hope to run this lunch later in the Summer.


Our second visit by Braywick Nurseries occurred this week and the churchyard looks great. Unfortunately whilst I was there, we noticed that the Box hedge around the Remembrance garden, was in a poor state. A closer inspection revealed that we have had an attack of the Box Tree Caterpillar and they have munched their way through almost all of the green foliage. I have sprayed the hedge yesterday and will do a second treatment in a few weeks. Hopefully it will recover, if we have caught it early enough.


I am pleased to report that there was interest following our recent advertising and a short list has been prepared by the Diocese. Next Friday the 25th will be the interview day. God willing, we should soon have a new Vicar.


Each year the Parish sends a donation to Traidcraft Exchange from the profit generated by the sale of traidcraft goods. A donation was not sent last year due to Corona virus ,and   I am pleased to say that £200 was sent on the 7th June, which will be matched by the Government, making a total donation of £400 to the charity. Also, Sandra is continuing to send items to be recycled and money earned also goes to Traidcraft Exchange. So far this has raised £115 for very little effort .If you have stamps, jewellery, gold chains, mobiles, consort games , cameras and watches, they can all be left in our porch or Sandra will collect from you. You can ring Sandra on 01628 822282 or email Sandra on

Sandra is still offering a mail order service for all goods and gifts and she can let you have a catalogue on request.

Stay Safe,


Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021

St John's Catch Up and Sunday School Special!!

Dear All,

I have titled this catch up as The Sunday School Special! After nearly 3 years of planning, construction and of course, The Pandemic, we are at last making preparations for the opening of the Sunday School in September.

Below is a letter from Helen and Sally about their plans and I hope you will be as excited as I am, at the prospect.

Dear All,

We are excited about the prospect of starting up a St John’s Sunday School in our lovely brand new Cabin next to the church during the morning service on one Sunday per month.

We would welcome any ideas you may have and are keen to ensure that the children have a fun time and look forward to coming along. The plan will be for us to take children from church during the first hymn to the cabin and return them back just as the service draws to an end.

We welcome children of all ages and are aiming our activities at children from the age of 3 to 10 years old. If there are older children who would like to be involved in planning our sessions or helping, then do let us know.

Please join us at the cabin  around 3.15pm, just before the 4pm All Age service on June 13th and chat about ideas and have a look around the facilities and enjoy some refreshments.

The plan will be to start up the Sunday School in September, assuming all covid restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to do so. We would like to reassure you that we have both been screened by the Church of England and have enhanced CRB checks- the safety of the children in our Parish is of course paramount/

We look forward to seeing you on the 13th.June.


Sally Gray and Helen Habershon.

Thanks Sally and Helen and I hope many of you will come and meet them at the cabin before the 4PM service on the 13th. Please put the date in your diary.


6TH JUNE  9.15. Family Eucharist. Father John is taking the service and we will have Eleanor playing the piano for us.

13th June 4pm All Age Service.....a short service for young and old. Isla, our resident reader! will read for us. Meet Sally and Helen at the Sunday School Cabin before the service.

20th June 9.15 Family Eucharist. With Fr John away, we will welcome Rev Kevin Colyer back  again to lead the service. Nigel will be back with us as well.



Lynn Penfold has again offered to host a summer lunch in her garden  on 4th July. This is  subject of course, to covid restrictions having been relaxed. Tickets can be reserved from Jenny Robinson 822886.

Keith reminds me that  offers of help to do chairs and tables would be gratefully accepted.


I am pleased to report that the gates are now back in place. Martin Westrop has done a marvellous job and we are grateful to Paul and Jane who covered the cost of repairs.

That’s it for now,

Stay Safe.


Posted on Friday, June 04, 2021

St John's Catch-up. and.....TRINITY SUNDAY

Dear All,

Our next service at St John’s is on  Sunday the 30th May and we  will be celebrating  Trinity Sunday. The first Sunday after Pentecost celebrates the Holy Trinity – The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.  Our Trinity service will be at 9.15 and will be a family Eucharist service, led by Fr John.
  With Nigel away we will welcome back Jenny Hopper who will play the organ for us.

Jenny Robinson has arranged for us to have a small choir to sing the hymns during the service. After so long, it will be a joy to hear singing again in our church. I hope it will not be too long before we can all sing our hearts out again. The small group will sit in the choir stalls.


Since last writing, we held the 4pm All Age service and what a success it was. The 22 including 9 young ones, made it all worthwhile, and from the conversations afterwards I think everyone enjoyed it.  .Isla read two passages from the bible and with such confidence.   Alan told me that Isla did not even want to practise..well done Isla and thanks. A couple of the young ones also helped me to ring the bell!

Looking forward, our next 4PM All Age will be on June 13th, so please put this in your diary. I am looking for anyone who would like to read a small piece .  Please just let me know and I will make sure you get the reading in plenty of time.

JUNE SERVICES will be as follows:

6th June. 9.15 Family Eucharist. With Nigel away still, we will have Eleanor playing the Piano, Jenny may also have her singers in again?
13th June 4pm. All Age service Fr John will have his screen up again and it should be fun for all.
20th June 9.15 Family Eucharist. This service will be led by Rev. Kevin Colyer, and we welcome him back to St John’s. Teresa Kennard will be Preaching and Nigel is back on the organ.

I will make sure the cabin is open for any one that needs to find a quiet place..

OUR CHURCH IS OPEN EACH DAY FOR PRIVATE PRAYER BETWEEN 11AM AND 4PM.You will find lights  on and music playing. Many of you, I know, have welcomed the peace and quiet St John’s offers.


The first visit by Braywick Nurseries took place a few weeks ago and what a difference it made. They will now be visiting each month until the autumn.


I have reported before, that our 5 yearly inspection took place in March. In the weeks ahead I will be arranging for some of the works to be carried out. Firstly, there are minor items of re- pointing and tile replacement as well as gutter clearance, that will be undertaken as soon as the weather improves. We will also be oiling the main doors and repainting the ironwork on the doors. I  have also received three quotations for the items of stone work repairs needed and will seek permission to progress this work, from the PCC at our June meeting. Hopefully I can have these repairs carried out before the winter.

Planning for the opening of our Sunday School is now underway and Helen and Sally will be updating us all shortly. It is hoped that we can open the Sunday School from watch this space!

That’s it for now .

God Bless


Posted on Friday, May 21, 2021

St John's Catch Up. and start of All Age service.

Dear All,
I thought this picture sums up  the return of the 4pm All Age service, on Sunday. We even have a little dog. Sorry could not find a white one Bonnie!   This has always been a very well attended service for young families but, alas, due to Covid it has been missing for most of the last year.
This Sunday sees its  return and I hope many of you, and in particular the younger ones, will come along and enjoy once again, the short and informal service. We will have the screen up again and although, for now, we are not allowed to sing, I hear that Fr John will have some music. It is our intention to hold this service every second Sunday. We are really happy to listen to you all and adapt the service, as we go forward.
It will be great if some of the children can contribute to these services and this week Isla will be reading to us. We may also have a friend of Isla’s doing a second reading...we will have to wait and see.  Perhaps I can find a helper to ring the bell?
I will also open the cabin so that anyone who needs to find a quiet space can use it. We are also investigating when we can start to provide coffee, squashes and biscuits afterwards...perhaps in the cabin... when restrictions are lifted.

For our Church to grow it needs the new seeds to be planted and the return of the All Age service coupled to the start of a Sunday School in September, is our way of nurturing that growth. I hope you will help us to be successful? 
As you may know, we would normally be posting Christian Aid envelopes through doors and in church but due, again to Covid, this is not happening this year. If you would like to make a donation then please do so on line or you can donate on the phone  0207523269.
Braywick Nurseries will make their first visit next Tuesday. I am so grateful to all of you who have donated towards this maintenance and am pleased to confirm that we have now covered the cost for the first year..well done.
It is hoped that very soon we will be able to sing again in the congregation. In the mean time, Jenny is putting together a list of people who would like to sing in the choir stalls 4/6 each service, and socially distanced, to sing the hymns. If you are interested please contact Jenny on 01628 822886.
9th May 4pm All Age.
13th May 7pm Parish Ascension Day Eucharist. St James the Less,  Stubbings.
16th May 9.15 Family Eucharist.
30th May 9.15 Family Eucharist.
I do hope you will be able to join us this Sunday for the 4pm All Age.  As is says on the tin...All welcome!
God Bless.

Posted on Friday, May 07, 2021

Dear All,


For 40 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday, the Bible says that Jesus travelled and preached with his apostles, preparing them for his departure from Earth. Ascension Day marks the moment Jesus literally ascended into heaven before his disciples, at the village of Bethany, near Jerusalem. Our Parish will celebrate Ascension Day, on Thursday 13th May  with Eucharist at 7pm at St James the Less, Stubbings.

May will be a busy month at St John’s and our services will be as follows:


Sunday 2nd May 9.15am Family Eucharist with Fr John leading and Nigel playing.

Sunday 9th May 4pm. We are starting the All Age service and hope that this will become a popular service for children. All are welcome, hence it’s name! Isla is going to read something and we would be delighted if others would also like to take part. More about this service later, but for now, please make a diary note. The service is not long and little ones...and the odd dog, make this so special.

Sunday 16th May 9.15am. Family Eucharist.

Sunday 23rd May Pentecost.  Open for Private Prayer.

Sunday 30th May 9.15am Trinity Sunday. Family Eucharist.

As we look forward to the time we can remove some of the restrictions, we are now starting to plan for when we can sing again. In the mean time, I have suggested to Jenny that if she and a few of her Choir friends, wanted to sing the hymns from the choir stalls,  they would be very welcome indeed. That invitation goes for anyone who would like to sing....always allowing for the social distance rules.

Those of you who were  in church on the 18th, when Rev.Kevin Colyer, led the service, will have noticed that he requested us to stand during the Creed, the reading of the Gospel and for the Eucharistic prayer. Afterwards three of you contacted me to say that this subtle change was very welcome. Fr John is quite happy to adopt this idea from this coming Sunday. Obviously if you prefer to sit then that’s fine as well.

As we move out of lockdown, we will listen to you and tweak our services accordingly, if we can.


Following the meeting arranged for this coming Thursday, with the Arch Deacon, we should, at last be able to advertise the post. I will keep you informed as things happen.


As I have said before, Sally and Helen are planning to start a Sunday School in September, hopefully when all restrictions have been lifted. I know that they have started to think about this and I hope to be able to give you more information shortly. Just the thought of having a Sunday School is so exciting.


I am pleased to report that the PCC gave permission for us to appoint Braywick Nurseries to look after the churchyard. They will visit between May and October. We are  so grateful to those of you who have contributed a  total of £580 towards the cost.  The Lychgates have now been removed for repair and again, two donations have been received to cover the repair costs.


BABY JESUS (  2019 ) or should I say, Little Thomas, has a new baby brother, George, born a few weeks ago. Our congratulations to Lizzie and Daniel and, of course, Thomas. We look forward to meeting little George. Perhaps Thomas can have a chat with little George about Christmas 2021?


Many of you will have known Jean Richardson, who passed away a few weeks ago. Her funeral was held in St John’s yesterday . Jean has been buried with her Husband Keith, near the Lychgate. Our condolences to Clare and her family at this sad time. Jean was married in our church and the family associated with St John’s over all of these years. To see Clare pushing Jean around the village was a regular sight . Rest In Peace Jean.


The Maidenhead food bank would welcome food donations. Our church has, for many years, collected food donations in the porch. The Pandemic  has resulted in so many more turning to the food bank for help.  Could I just remind everyone that our church is open every day between 11 am and 4 pm for Private Prayer and  to accept these donations. Please leave them in the Porch.

Many Thanks and God Bless.


Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear All,

This ‘catch up’ comes at a time of great sadness and loss,  on the death of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. His life was one of service to Queen and Country and he will be truly missed by  the Queen and his family. We have placed a photo and flowers in church in his memory.

In my case, like so many, I had the advantage in participating  in The Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme as a young lad, and the lessons I learnt have benefited me in later life..... If you ever catch me after a few drinks, I may just be prompted to explain a few of the exploits we got up to on the hikes!

Many of you will know that St John’s, was  fortunate to be awarded a grant towards the cost of the new lighting scheme, from The Prince Philip Trust, This Trust was established by the Prince to benefit local organisations and groups in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.


Looking forward to services in April, obviously our Easter Sunday Communion was the first and it was so nice to have many of you in church, including a number of the young ones..oh and Bonny the dog. Sophie read one of the lessons and in all, a lovely family service,

As Father John is on leave for a few weeks, the 4pm All Age service was cancelled and will return in May, so please put 9th MAY  in your diary. Isla has again offered to do a reading. If there are other young ones who would like to do something, please let me know. We are hoping that this afternoon service will be well attended by young and old alike. More later.

Sunday 18th April.  9.15. Family Eucharist. With Fr John on leave we are fortunate to have Rev. Kevin Colyer with us so, I do hope many of you will come and welcome Rev Colyer to our church. He is a Curate at St Michael’s, Bray . Nigel will be playing and this time I will set out the red hymn’s  my deliberate mistake on Easter Sunday!!!!

Sunday 25th April, being the 4th Sunday we will be open for Private Prayer.

Looking forward to May, we will have services as follows.  These will be confirmed on the return of Fr John.

2nd    9.15.           Family Eucharist.
9th    4pm.           All Age Service.
16th  9.15.           Family Eucharist.
3oth 9.15.            Family Eucharist................ so a full month, more details later.


During the next few weeks you will see the gates removed. They are being repaired by Martin Westrop, the cost of which has been covered by two very generous donations.


We have, for a number of years, had the Payback team look after the churchyard. They have served us well, as has Keith Robinson, who has managed this arrangement. This last year was different. Not only did we only have visits for a few months...none since September.. but the number in the team had dropped from around 9 to 2.
Keith/Jenny and I have been looking at arrangements for this year and beyond. Firstly, the lack of visits in the Autumn and Spring has resulted in the best show for the wild flowers I have ever seen. Secondly, going forward, we now need to attend in a different way.

We have had discussions with Braywick Nurseries, who also work in the yards of St Marys and St James. I have asked them to quote for a monthly visit over the six months of May to October, acknowledging that perhaps from time to time, we may need an additional visit or two. The cost looks like  being around £120 . I have already received two offers to sponsor a visit, so at this time, the actual cost to Parish is not too high. If anyone else would like to sponsor a visit please do let me know as I am taking this proposal to PCC next week, seeking approval.  I will let you know how this goes.


It is sometimes hard to believe that Keith left us, nearly a year ago. The process of finding a new Vicar started almost immediately and I can report that many months of work has been carried out since. A major part of the process is to have a Section 12 meeting with the Arch Deacon. I am happy to confirm that this meeting will take place later this month, following which we should be in a position to actually advertise the post.  In the mean time the Diocese has been upgrading the Vicarage reading for the new incumbent.

We have been so lucky to have Fr John with us over this period and we are indebted to him in guiding us over this last year. Without Fr John, we would have been scratching around to man services, most probably not in all three church at the same time. THANK YOU FR. JOHN.

Our web page is   I have added many photo’s illustrating life at St John’s over this last year. Just go in and click on the St John’s link on the Home page . You will also find all of the Parish news there.

I again, found a £40 donation in an envelope, when I went in to lock up, last week. There was no name left but I hope they will get this and our thanks to you, for this kind and much needed donation.


As I have recently reported, we lost a dear friend in Jackie Telfer. I heard last week, that her mother Doreen Lynda Ahow has now passed away in Trinidad. Doreen often accompanied Jackie to St John’s during  her many trips to the UK. How sad.

I hope you will be able to join us on Sunday to welcome the Rev Colyer to our village church.

God Bless.


Posted on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The All Age Service
With temperatures in the 80’s, we moved the All Age Service to the open . Well done to Fr John who seamlessly created  a service with a minutes notice. Sally and Helen opened the Sunday School cabin and served refreshments
April 2021 and we are again able to have Easter services again.
Easter Garden. The tomb is empty and Jesus has risen
Easter Flowers
COVID restricted Easter Sunday Service
Garden of Gethsemane, ready  to receive the Host
on Maundy Thursday
“ Our church will feature in a forthcoming episode of Midsomer Murders. The film crew spent 4 days at St. John’s, filming inside. This followed some weeks filming at various locations in the village. No idea what took place inside, so we will have to wait until next year to find out!”
The Lychgate with Snow
The churchyard  has a wonderful carpet of Crocuses and Snowdrops as Spring approaches
A wonderful floral display for Christmas
Advent Wreath
Our Crib with Nativity Scene
We have challenged the village children to decorate the lychgate and to make animals and figures for the empty Stable.
600 led lights have also been installed for Christmas
All age worship being led by a valued member of our church family 
The recent socially distanced opening and blessing of our Sunday School Cabin
‘Mary and Joseph’ arriving at our Crib Service last December and arriving with  two ‘angels’ looking on in 2018
Sandra, Richard, Sally and Joleen...with John on the camera, holding a planning meeting in the rain complete with sanitizer at the ready
Feast of All Saints with a Eucharist at Littlewick Green on 1st November 2020. The service ends with an opportunity to remember our own loved ones
Remembrance Day November 8th 2020
We were pleased to carry out our own special and COVID restricted, act of Remembrance on 8th November. Wreaths were laid ( left to right) by Sandra Moore’s , St John’s Church, Pat McDonald, chair of White Waltham Parish Council, Steve Harrington, Councillor Hurley Parish Council, Paul Spencer Secretary Littlewick Green Society and Pete Matthews, Cub Leader Littlewick Cubs who represented all of the children from the Village. St John’s remained open all day, for those wishing to carry out their own act of Remembrance
Although a non-conforming congregation was listed in White Waltham in 1710, there is no saying it was in Littlewick. Indeed, although part of John Wesley’s Ruscombe house is now in Littlewick Lodge, there is no record of Methodist activity either.

The 18th century seemed a ‘sadly slack time as regards religion’ (as local historian Henry Bannard wrote) and only improved early in the 19th. At that time a handful with strong convictions became worried about Littlewick’s spiritual state and they either built, or had built for them, a wooden meeting house or chapel at the bottom of the Green.

The later, more solidly-built, chapel opened for worship around 1837. It became Congregational around 1860 and, after 1890, was finally settled as a Methodist church.

Despite its changing denominations Littlewick’s chapel was attended by people of all persuasions from its earliest days, due to the fact that there was no other place of worship very nearby. The first regular Church of England services only became available in 1875 when the new village school was consecrated for public worship.
Finally, in 1893, Miss Frances Elizabeth Ellis of Waltham Place provided £15,000 to build and endow a church at Littlewick adjoining the Green.

Maidenhead architect EJ Shrewsbury followed the Gothic style to create a church to seat 125 worshippers. It was built, by old-established builders Messrs R Silver & Sons of Tittle Row, in blue Pennant stone.
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Littlewick’s church was consecrated and opened on Wednesday December 27 1893 — St John the Evangelist’s Day — by the Lord Bishop of Oxford. The first vicar, Thomas Henry Wrenford, started his duties immediately, only giving them up 40 years later due to ill-health.

Since then there have been 11 vicars. The 12th, Keith Nicholls took up his duties in 2009 and retired in 2020.

Cruciform in shape, Littlewick Church has a west turret above the porch which carries two bells. The north transept was dedicated as a children’s corner by Mrs Miller of Littlewick Place to the memory of her husband and son of six months. At the moment, it is used as a place for quiet prayer. In the larger south transept is the organ and vestry.
Villagers subscribed to a collection to install the present altar rails in memory of their first vicar after he died in 1935.

Littlewick Green Church The Great East Window, divided into four main ‘lights’, tells the story of the Nativity in mystical form and uses strong colour symbolism. It was designed and executed by James S Sparrow of King’s Cross, London. You can see his signature in the shape of a sparrow. The window was placed in the church by Mrs Gilchrist Thomas in memory of her son, Sidney.

The centenary was celebrated with a flower festival which coincided with 10th anniversary of birth of Ivor Novello. This composer, actor, filmstar and playwright lived in Littlewick from 1927 to his death in 1953. There is a bust of him in the church.

Courtesy of Lynn Penfold
St John’s Sunday School Cabin
After 2 years of planning, the new Sunday School Cabin was finished in March. This new facility at Littlewick Green, will satisfy the need of our younger families, for the start of a Sunday School. Initially, it will be available for families coming to worship, who need a quiet ....or not so quiet place during the service. A buzzer  system will call them back for the Blessing. The new cabin, built in Canadian Cedar, has a small kitchen area as well as its own toilet.  It will also serve as a general meeting room for St John’s.
We are a Parish in the Deanery of Windsor and Maidenhead within the Diocese of Oxford

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