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St John the Evangelist, Littlewick Green
St James the Less, Stubbings

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make him known in word and action.

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sharing our faith

by Revd Keith

a period of growth and development

by Revd Dilys

Message from Revd Keith

Dear All,

As the restrictions necessary to slow the spread of coronavirus tighten, we all face huge challenges and changes to our lives. We are currently unable to meet as a church and must take care to respect the Government’s Social Distancing advice. But having to spend more time alone is not easy. God is a dynamic community of love, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and, we, created as we are in God’s image, need to feel involved in a dynamic community of love. So, in these unusual and disturbing times, it is vital that we remain in touch with each other, using whatever means we can. Last week my 90-year-old mother said to Pam, “I can’t get anything done at the moment because people keep ringing me up to make sure I’m OK.” I found that very reassuring – as the days of lockdown proceed let’s keep touching base with friends and family as often as possible.

Our churches are now closed but …

We have been told to keep the church buildings shut, meaning that they are no longer available for quiet reflection and prayer. But we must continue to pray! You can download a free app ‘Time to Pray’ from Church House Publishing on:

Our Diocesan Bishops have asked us, if we can, to pause at 11.00am each day and read Psalm 23 (The Lord’s my Shepherd) and say the Lord’s Prayer. At the live streamed service from Christ Church Oxford, Bishop Steven offered a brief reflection on Psalm 23, available at  

At the same web address the next diocesan live-stream by the four bishops working together, each from their own homes (God willing) will take place at 10am Sunday.

On-line services from local parishes include:
St Mary’s Maidenhead:

Marlow Parish:

Time to read …

Quench Bookshop writes: “Although the Quench shops are currently closed, There are a number of ways that people place orders.
(1) Email

(2) Call Ali on 07962869128

(3) Fill in the contact box on our website

(4) Send us a message on Facebook (please note we are merging the two Quench pages so Quench Wokingham will no longer appear)

We intend to post out your orders free of charge, although obviously if you would like to contribute to the cost, we would not refuse!”

Recently I’ve been reading a book that’s been on my shelf for years. I had never opened it, but now I’m on my third read through! In ‘A Shepherd looks at the 23rd Psalm’ Phillip Keller brings a shepherd and a pastor’s insight into the great Psalm which our Bishops are asking us to read daily. Although over 50 years old the book is still available as part of a trilogy – why not ask Quench to get you a copy?

Parish Office

The Parish Office is now physically closed until further notice. Our Parish Administrator will be working from home and visiting the office occasionally to check Email and phone messages; but for anything urgent please phone me.

Parish Magazine

The next edition of Parish News has been deferred, but we may try and bring out an Easter edition.

And finally The Collect for last Sunday, the 4th Sunday of Lent, could have been written with today’s circumstances in mind. It would make a great daily prayer for the lockdown period:

O God, You know us all to be set i
n the midst of so many and great dangers,

 that by reason of the frailty of our nature

we cannot always stand upright:

grant us such strength and protection

as may support us in all dangers

and carry us through all temptations;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

With my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time,

Keith  01628-828822;

Help required for Maidenhead Foodbank

I imagine that the Food Bank is going to be under extra pressure, but I was pleased to hear from a helper at St Edmund Campion, his view, that donations in Supermarkets, he thought, were holding up. BUT the weekly donations from church Sunday-by-Sunday collections are likely to vanish or be reduced, and it occurred to me that there should be an appeal to church contributors to send money instead, to the Maidenhead Food Bank at

I am sure anything you can contribute will be gratefully received.

Daily Prayer

 The Church of England provides services for use each day. The services include psalms, bible readings and prayers and are available in the traditional form (Book of Common Prayer) and in modern language (Common Worship).  
Select your choice of service from:

The Prayer Page on this website also contains further suggestions and support.

CW Morning Prayer

CW Evening Prayer

Night Prayer (Cont )

BCP Morning Prayer

BCP Evening Prayer

Night Prayer (Trad)