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Ox eyed daisies at Stubbings
77th Anniversary of D-Day
and the Battle of Normandy

June 2021

From the Churchwardens  -  Sue Harrington Hill and Mary Cooper

Dear Friends
We do hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine that has been with us over the last few days. Many of us will by now have received our full vaccinations but not all of us.  It will be such an achievement when everyone has been vaccinated and of course throughout the world.  We will only ever be safe if we are all safe.

Ox eyed daisies at Stubbings

The churchyard is looking different but still beautiful.  At this time of the year the grass is left uncut for a short while to allow the wild flowers to reseed. When walking through the churchyard you will no doubt have noticed the many insects, birds and butterflies that these daisies attract. 

77th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

Maybe not so grand as the opening of the British Normandy Memorial  in Ver-sur-Mer but a group of people paid their own tribute last Sunday outside Stubbings.  (This was not an organised event by Stubbings)  The group included some who had a connection with Stubbings going back to the days of Bernard Soltau.  The collection of jeeps was impressive, all lovingly maintained by various individuals and a wreath was laid at the memorial in remembrance of those who lost their lives at the Landing Beaches.
“I per chance stumbled upon this small event having gone to the church to mop the floor!”  (Sue)
The group were off to the Cricketers for lunch after visiting Stubbings so maybe the convoy of jeeps was spotted in Littlewick Green.

Knit and Natter

Covid restrictions have been eased and this group are delighted to be meeting again in the Soltau Centre.  The first get together is scheduled for Tuesday 13th July, 2.00pm – 4.00pm.
This informal group welcomes anyone from across the Parish and provides an opportunity to get together with like-minded people, have a good chat, a cup of coffee/tea and do some knitting, crocheting or sewing at the same time.
Over the years this group has been involved in some amazing projects – colourful blankets sent to Sierra Leone and local nursing homes, knee blankets and twiddle muffs for the dementia unit at the Royal Berks Hospital, knitted teddy bears for the children’s ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, to name but a few.
If you are interested in joining in with this group (knitting qualifications are not necessary!)  please contact Linda Ruffell, 01628 626149  for further details.

200 Club

Monthly draws have taken place and the winners are:

MayMary Cooper and Hazel O’Connor
JuneRos Bentley and Fiona Wells


13th June8.00 amHC (BCP)
20th June11.00amHC (BCP)  with music
27th June8.00 amHC (BCP)

We very much look forward to seeing you at one of these services.

Take care.

Best wishes

Sue and Mary

Posted on Friday, June 11, 2021

May 7th 2021

From the Churchwardens – Sue Harrington Hill and Mary Cooper

Dear Friends

A warm welcome to everyone.

With the easing of Covid restrictions later this month there promises to be opportunities to meet with family and friends.  It will be possible to celebrate family events, albeit in a small way, which this time last year was just not possible.  It certainly feels good that life is slowly, very slowly, moving back to the way it was before the pandemic.

There are a variety of church services during the month of May and we hope you will be able to join us for some of these.

Sunday 9th May              8.00 am Holy Communion

Thursday 13th May             7.00 pm Holy Communion (CW)

Sunday 16th May11.00 am Holy Communion

Sunday 23rd May8.00 Holy Communion

Sunday 30th May5.00 pm Choral Evensong


Do come and join us for this Parish Holy Communion (CW)  service on Thursday 13th May. You are most welcome.

Ascension Day, is the 40th day of Easter and commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven 39 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday.  It always takes place on a Thursday.

In Germany Father’s Day is celebrated on Ascension Day, a day associated with fathers, as this day marks the return of Jesus to his father in heaven.


A big thank you to Fr John for the Tuesday time of fellowship and prayer which has proved popular and provided a wonderful opportunity for us to “meet” without face masks!  Over the weeks we have very much enjoyed the amusing anecdotes from Maurice, shared the entertaining antics of our pet dogs during lockdown, and laughed together with stories of how we have managed to fill our days during the pandemic.  It is indeed good to talk and share.

The weather at the moment is a little unpredictable but the signs of summer are very much evident. 

We send everyone our best wishes.

Sue and Mary

Posted on Friday, May 07, 2021

From the Churchwardens – Sue Harrington Hill and Mary Cooper


Dear Friends
A very happy Easter to everyone.
Our Easter Day service will take place at 11.00am this morning and we very much look forward to welcoming you.  You will be able to see the beautiful chancel in its full splendour.

The church grounds are still looking amazing.  The snowdrops have finished and now the heather, daffodils and primroses are at their best and looking quite amazing.  A walk through the church yard is well worth it even though it is still a little muddy.

After Easter regular services will be re-starting in our three churches and you will find details of these on the Parish website.  Sadly we still have to adhere to the restrictions of face masks and social distancing.

Services at Stubbings for the month of April are as follows:
April 11th  8.00am
April 18th 11.00am
April 25th  8.00am

We do hope you may be able to join us at one of these services.

Here is another interesting photograph for you all.  Our “bell tower”!  Our bell cannot be compared with those of Winchester cathedral and their wonderful sound travelling across the city but we are still very proud of our single bell!

Hopefully some of us will be able to meet with a friend or a few family members over the Easter period, albeit outside.  A spell of long, fine and warm weather would greatly help. Hope is on the horizon and we can look forward to meeting up with friends and family as once we used to.
We do hope the next few days of the Easter weekend will bring peace and joy to everyone.

With our best wishes.

Sue and Mary

Posted on Saturday, April 03, 2021

Dear Friends

A warm welcome to everyone.

The snowdrops at Stubbings have been at their most beautiful over these last couple of weeks.  Thank you to Lynda Clarke for this beautiful photograph. The churchyard takes on a very different character and personality according to the seasons.

Plans are being made for Easter services beginning with a service on Palm Sunday to mark the beginning of Holy Week.  Details will be sent out later this month when arrangements have been finalised.  Covid restrictions will still be in place for these services. Until everyone has received a vaccination we must take great care, continue to maintain social distancing and all other precautions. Hopefully later in the year we will be able to meet up once again with families and friends in the way we once used to.

Everyone is probably familiar with the beautiful wall paintings and floor tiles in the chancel at Stubbings.  Did you know, however, what is behind the green curtains that fall from the stained glassed window to the floor.  Brightly coloured tiles and the photograph (below) does not accurately convey the intensity or richness of the colours!  They are indeed stunning.  What do you think?


The 200 Club prize draw for January and February were made on 2nd March and the winners in January were Teresa Kennard and Stuart Burton.  The February prizes went to David Smith and Rosalind Bentley.

For those of you who are not familiar with the 200 Club, it is a fun way of raising money for capital projects at the Stubbings site.  Over recent years we have funded several significant enhancements for the facilities such as sliding doors for the Soltau Centre so that the grass beside the hall can supplement the indoor space.  Membership of the Club costs £2.00 per month and there are 2 prizes each month and 4 at Christmas.  Subscriptions amount to about £2000 and by law, we have to give back half of this in prize money, so with the 84 tickets we have sold this year the monthly prizes are £40 and £20 while the top Christmas prize will be £100 and there is a 1 in 5 chance of winning a prize sometime in the year.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Tony Ruffell – Tel. 01628 626149.


The funeral of Jacquie Telfer took place on Monday 22nd February.  Jacquie regularly worshipped with us and was a much loved member of our church community.
Jacquie came from Trinidad and Tobago and lived abroad for many years with her husband, Jim.  They settled in Pinkneys Green and Jacquie became a committed member of Stubbings church, bringing their three children to Bernard Soltau’s Children’s Church in the 1980s.  When the Parish of Burchetts Green was created in 2001 Jacquie became very much a Parish person and worshipped happily in all three churches.  An original thinker with many interesting ideas, she was a founder member of Time Out and a lively contributor to house discussion groups.

Signs of Spring are everywhere now and the evenings are definitely drawing out.  Hopefully this gives us all renewed hopes for the months ahead after what has been a difficult time in so many ways.

Thanks to Rosalind Bentley and Tony Ruffell for their contribution to this newsletter.

With our good wishes

Sue and Mary

Posted on Thursday, March 04, 2021

From the Churchwardens Sue Harrington Hill and Mary Cooper

Dear Friends

A warm welcome to everyone.

In past years we would now be planning a date for “The Snowdrop Tea” which always took place towards the end of February.  This event has been very popular and many have enjoyed a walk around the grounds of Stubbings admiring the snowdrops followed by a cup of tea and cake.  It is not possible this year to gather in this way but we do hope you enjoy these photographs of the snowdrops emerging through the muddy soil throughout the churchyard.  While many bulbs (not the crocuses Fr John saw!)  lay dormant the snowdrops never fail to lift the spirits and remind us that spring is on its way.

Snowdrops contain a natural antifreeze! Even if they collapse in freezing weather they recover magnificently when the temperature rises  

Snowdrop pollen and nectar is an early spring feast for many bees.  The green stripes inside the snowdrops are like “landing lights” guiding them to the only restaurant that is open in these times!

Quinquennial Inspection

This is a five yearly look at the church building to see what condition it is in and sets out what repairs are needed.  Our church inspection was carried out a few weeks ago and we are pleased to report that no major work is required.  We are very grateful for the few recommendations offered to help minimise rain damage.

Sadly over the past year many friends and members of our congregations have not been able to visit the church.  Maybe we can “bring” the church into your homes through photographs and snippets of information which hopefully you will find interesting. Below is a picture of the original keys to the church.  The keys themselves are safely stored.  They are about 9” in length and very heavy.  Church key holders will be very relieved the locks have since been changed!

We thank Fr John for organising the Tuesday zoom session which gives us the opportunity to see familiar faces, chat together and share in a short service of prayer.  This is indeed a wonderful way to end the afternoon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are unwell, in hospital or awaiting surgery at this time.

Our thanks to Roger Strike who provided some information for this newsletter.

Stay safe and stay warm.

Sue and Mary                      

Posted on Sunday, February 07, 2021

From the Churchwardens  -  Sue Harrington Hill and Mary Cooper

Dear Friends
We send our very best wishes to everyone for the New Year 2021.  Let us hope it proves to be an easier and more settled year.
At the moment all areas in the Diocese are in Tier 4 and infection rates continue to rise rapidly.  While it remains permissible for churches to continue to be open for worship we, like many churches, are being very cautious and have made the decision to suspend church services for this month of January.  We will be reviewing the situation at the end of the month and will of course keep you informed when services resume.
2020 was indeed a difficult year.  An interregnum is never easy and an interregnum in the middle of a pandemic is “interesting” to say the least.  Despite all restrictions we are pleased and proud that some of the special services so dear to Stubbings did take place.  After the initial lockdown we were able to open the church for worship from July 19th 2020, albeit in different ways. 
Thank you so much to Fr John and Dilys for the care and support they have and continue to give us.

Special services held in 2020 during the pandemic:
Harvest Festival   20th September 2020
Commemoration of the Faithful Departed1st November 2020
Remembrance Sunday8th November 2020
Advent Sunday29th November 2020
Stubbings Carol Service20th December 2020

Many of us missed family reunions and celebrations last year and for some the sadness of loved ones who died made these times even more difficult. 
We especially remember with love, church friends, who died during this pandemic.  Their contribution to the life of our church will be remembered by many.
Norah Skinner
Came to Maidenhead many years ago with her husband, Revd Maurice Skinner and settled in Burchetts Green Parish.  Norah worshipped regularly in all three churches and was a regular attender at Young at Hearts and Knit and Natter.  She was an enthusiastic Parish Walker in the early days.  She was a thoughtful and positive contributor to discussion groups.  As a trained nurse Norah retained a very lively and supportive interest in people.
Janet Houston
Lived in Pinkneys Green for many years and worshipped regularly at Stubbings where she was a calm and capable sidesman, welcoming everyone with her lovely smile.  Janet was a thoughtful and supportive member of the Stubbings Seekers and the Book Club.  She was an expert flower arranger, organised the cleaning rota, taking her turn and showing new volunteers the ropes and a loyal Parish Walker.  Janet contributed to the glass doors to the porch in memory of her husband, Peter.
Sheila Fitzgerald
Worshipped regularly at the 8 0’clock service at Stubbings with her husband, John, who was known to some of us as our GP.  She was a very supportive member of our congregation and was on the cleaning rota for many years.

Betty Bampton A member of the Stubbings congregation for very many years who loved all the Book of Common Prayer services.  She and her late husband, Jack, had their favourite pew beside the door.  In earlier days Betty was a great supporter of church activities and was a very efficient Secretary of the PCC.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are helping look after our church during these strange times.  Thank you to Rosalind Bentley for her contribution to this newsletter.
Finally, a message from a good friend of Stubbings.  Gill and Arthur send their good wishes to everyone from a snowy and very cold Holmfirth.
Stay warm and stay safe

Sue Harrington Hill and Mary Cooper

Posted on Sunday, January 03, 2021

Stubbings in February

Snowdrops  in Abundance
Original Door Keys
Stubbings Churchyard
Advent Wreath
Stubbings at Christmas
Choral Evensong - December 6th
War Memorial at Night

On Sunday afternoon, November 1st, St James the Less, Stubbings was open between 3pm and 5pm for quiet time, to remember loved ones, and for personal prayer and reflection, with gentle background music and an opportunity to light a candle and say a prayer if you wish. The candles and music gave a lovely atmosphere, peaceful and spiritual.
Parishioners could stay as little or as long as they wish.

The space was offered for all to use as they wish.

The foundation stone of Stubbings Church was laid on 1st May 1849. The land had been purchased by Henry Skrine, who was living at Stubbings House at the time, having moved from the family estate at Warleigh, near Bath. He decided to build a church for the use of his family and the local residents.

The church was consecrated on 16th April 1850 by the Rt.Rev. Samual Wilberforce, Bishop of Reading. Because the foundation stone was laid on 1st May, the festival of St. Philip & St. James, the building was dedicated to St. James-the-Less. The side aisle was added to the church in 1854.
The church was first served by Rev. Edward Thring and by Rev. G.N.Hodson, incumbent of Cookham Dean. Mr. Skrine proceeded to build a vicarage and endow the living, to which his second son, Rev. W.H.Skrine was presented and went into residence as the first vicar, in November 1852.
In 1874 the parish of Stubbings was created out of parts of Bisham and Cookham parishes. In 1991 the parishes of Stubbings and Hurley became a united benefice (independent parishes but under the care of one vicar) and the parish of Burchetts Green was formed in June 2002 by the amalgamation of the parishes of Stubbings, Hurley and Littlewick Green.
The architect of the church was Richard Cromwell Carpenter (1812-1855) who designed a number of churches and parsonages including Cookham Dean church. Stubbings is an example of what became common later on but was quite revolutionary in the 1840's, the honest straightforward, soundly constructed, simple building, which was in the genuine medieval tradition.
Points of Interest
Record of past incumbents (west wall)
Note that several incumbents held the living for a considerable time. The fourth vicar was Henry Skrine's eldest son.
The windows
The east window depicting the Ascension was given in memory of the founder,
by his widow in 1854.
The chandeliers
These date back to the early days of the church. They are hand made of brass. Those in the nave are surmounted by a cross except that over the font, which has a crown. This chandelier originally hung in the chancel but was moved when the chancel lighting was revised.
Round Window
The small round window in the west wall was given by the builder of the Church, Richard Silver of Tittle Row.
West Window
At the same time his two eldest sons gave the two windows in the west wall, depicting St. Philip and St. James. St. Philip is shown holding a basket of five loaves because of his connection with the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand, and St. James is shown holding a bible because of the epistle of St. James, and a club because of the manner of his martyrdom. 
The wall paintings
The original plain walls were painted in 1898 with the decoration being more extensive than now; in particular the chancel arch was fully decorated and the texts round the windows and doors were joined with a continuous painted band. Exactly when this work was over-painted is not known. The texts are mainly well-known sayings of Jesus but two around the windows in the south wall are from the epistle of St. James: "Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only" and "If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God".

The Vestries
The small vestry is original but the larger (choir) vestry was built in 1962 with materials which came from a church at Braywood, near Windsor, demolished that year. The door, windows and ornaments on the external walls all came from Braywood. The vestry was designed by Mr.Garem Slater, a member of the congregation, and dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Harry Carpenter, Bishop of Oxford.

The Organ
The original organ was a Hill instrument built in 1883. The present organ is a Rodgers electronic organ installed in 2003. It replaced a Walker pipe organ installed in 1966.
The Reading Desk
A brass eagle lectern was given to the church in 1900 by Mr. F.O.Wethered. This was stolen from the church in May 1971. A somewhat oversized replacement brass eagle lectern was reading desk also stolen by thieves who took it out through one of the side aisle windows. The chancel has now been re-arranged so that the oak priest's reading desk is used both to lead the worship and also as a reading lectern.
The Hassocks (Kneelers)
The hassocks were made by a number of parishioners over a period of several years starting in 1999. The patterns are mostly Hassocks designs made from various items of the fabric or fittings around the church - in most cases the same pattern being used several times in different colours. All the hassocks were sponsored, by individuals in memory of family events or people, or by various organisations.
The Porch
This was part of the original church. It was restored by the men of the parish in 1961 in memory of Mary Penny who Stubbings Porch was Clerk and Sexton of the church from 1921 to 1958. Mary's father, John Penny, was Clerk and Sexton from 1861 to 1921.
The Lynchgate
The Lychgate was erected by the parishioners in 1887 in memory of the first vicar, Rev.Wadham Huntley Skrine.
The War Memorial
The stone cross on the verge outside the churchyard was erected in 1920 and unveiled on 3rd October that year. It records the names of the men of Stubbings parish who gave their lives in two world wars.
St James-the-Less
St James-the-Less, or the Little, is probably the same as James the son of Alphaeus, who is mentioned in all the lists of the Twelve Apostles. He is, maybe, "the same as James, the Lord's brother, who became Bishop of Jerusalem and the writer of the Epistle of St James"; the Western Church thus identifies him.

O Almighty God, whom truly to know is everlasting life; Grant us perfectly to know thy Son Jesus Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life; that following the steps of thy holy Apostles, St Phillip and St James, we may steadfastly walk in the way that leadeth to eternal life; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord.Collect for SS Philip and James' Day

In addition to the church, the founder also built a school across the road. The school closed in 1934 and was then used as the church hall until it was sold in 1995 for conversion into a private house. The proceeds were used to build the new parish hall (the Soltau Centre) in the matching flint style of the church. The architect was Mr.Rex Johnstone RIBA, a parishioner and a regular member of the congregation. The hall was opened by the Bishop of Reading, Rt.Rev.John Bone, on 25th.May 1996.

This record was originally compiled by the Rev. Dr.J.A.Nairn, and revised by Rev. B.A. Soltau, Vicar of the parish 1953-1990 to commemorate the centenary of the parish of Stubbings, 1874-1974. It was updated in 2008 by Roger Strike.
The Soltau Centre

The Soltau Centre, is located behind Stubbings church is a modern well equipped building used for a wide variety of parish and other community activities.

It also houses the
parish office which is normally open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9.30am to 11.30am.
For further details contact Parish Administrator on tel:01628 820077 or email

We are a Parish in the Deanery of Windsor and Maidenhead within the Diocese of Oxford

Telephone: Tel:01628 820077

Parish Administrator, Burchetts Green Parish Office,  Soltau Centre, Stubbings,
Henley Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6QW
Normal office hours are 9.30 -11.30 Mon, Tues & Thurs.
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