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Find information about some of the major events in the Christian life including


We hope this page will answer many of your questions as you navigate your way through the Christian life.

Anyone can get in touch with a church to find about having their child christened. In the service, we are thanking God for the gift of life, and starting your child on the journey of faith.  During a christening your child will be baptized with water, for your child, this marks the first step in becoming a member of the Christian family. If you live within our Parish then we will happily baptise your child, normally in a separate service on Sunday, but if you would like the christening to take place in a regular Sunday service  please request this.

If you live outside our Parish but have a strong connection with one of our churches, the service may take place here provided the vicar of the Parish in which you live is in agreement. To arrange a christening for your child please contact the Parish Office.

Perhaps you were not christened as a youngster, and are considering it for yourself - if so, please speak to our vicar.

All you need to know about planning and going to a Church of England christening can be found here>>.


Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which the participation in the life of God’s people, begun at baptism, is confirmed by the Bishop with the laying on of hands.

Those who have been baptised affirm for themselves their faith and their intention to live a life of responsible and committed discipleship.

From time to time we run short courses on the basis of the Christian Faith for those considering confirmation.

The meaning of confirmation is considered here>>



To be eligible to marry in the parish, the law requires that you need either to be resident in the parish or to have one or more of  the following ‘qualifying connections’ to the parish. This more flexible approach helps couples to marry in churches where family connections are recognised.


These ‘Qualifying Connections’ are that one of you:-


  • was baptised or prepared for confirmation in the parish
  • has had a usual place of residence in the parish for six months or more
  • has habitually attended public worship in the parish for six months
  • has a parent who has had a usual place of residence in the parish for six months or more during your lifetime
  • has a parent who has habitually attended public worship in the parish for six months or more during your lifetime
  • has parents or grandparents who were married in the parish


There are some things about marrying in church that you just can't get anywhere else. Marrying in church is personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful, just as you want it to be.


Discover all you need to know about Church of England weddings and blessings with a walk through the wedding service here>>.


Some married couples will wish to celebrate an important wedding anniversary with a thanksgiving for marriage in church. Others, for various reasons, may wish to re-affirm their marriage vows or dedicate their marriage following a civil ceremony.  In the first instance, please contact our Parish Office.


A wedding booklet for the parish is available for download here>>.



At the close of a person’s life on earth, the funeral service is the opportunity for friends and family to express their grief, to give thanks for the life and to commend the person into God's hands. The funeral service in church can be short and quiet with only a few members of the family present or a larger gathering. We can also offer a Service of Thanksgiving or Memorial Service following a quiet funeral for close family and friends. Details of the funeral service can be viewed here. A funeral service in church is normally arranged via the Funeral Directors.

The Churchyard Policy explains the regulations and can be downloaded here>>.

St Mary the Virgin Hurley
Although not yet closed the churchyard is now full and no further full burials are possible. Some second interments and burial of ashes in existing graves will be possible. There are some spaces for the burial of ashes available in the Briggs Memorial Garden.

St John the Evangelist Littlewick Green
Although not yet closed the churchyard is now full and no further full burials are possible. Some second interments and burial of ashes in existing graves will be possible. The new churchyard extension to the east of the church building is now in use and burial plots will be used sequentially. An area is designated for the burial of ashes.

St James the Less Stubbings
The churchyard is open. New areas are in use for the burial of ashes and for full burials, plots will be used sequentially. Some further burials may occur in the older parts of the churchyard; this will be at the discretion of the Vicar.

Burial records

St Mary the Virgin, Hurley

In 2000, as a Millenium project, a group of volunteers completely surveyed the Hurley Churchyard, recording all of the headstones and footstones. All the legible inscriptions were recorded, together with photographs taken. These were then collated with the entries in the Burial Books of Hurley and all this information was collated together with maps etc into a 300 page book entitled "The Monuments of St Mary the Virgin, Hurley. A copy of this book is available for reference inside Hurley Church. Burial records prior to 2000 are kept in the Berkshire Record Office in Coley Ave, Reading. together with Baptism and Marriage Records. There are photocopies of most of these held by David Burfitt on 01628 823503.

St James the Less, Stubbings

Records of burials within the churchyard of St James the Less can be very helpful in the tracing of family histories. Some years ago Parish Churches were required to deposit old record books in the County Archives Office in Reading and you can access the older records, up to 1933, of Stubbings Church there.  Please note that the front churchyard at Stubbings has been officially "closed" for burials for many years and that some of the memorial stones have been removed so it may not be possible to identify exactly where a person was buried, there are some details available but they are not complete.

However, the church has in its possession, burial register books for burials since 1934 and a data base exists for burials since this date with names, dates and positions on plans of the rear churchyard.  Records are continually updated and these are available for inspection.  Please contact the Parish Office by email if you would like any information from the data base.  We request a donation to church funds in return for the answer.  Visitors are, of course, very welcome to come to the churchyard to help make their research more satisfying.

St John the Evangelist

We hold all burial records in the church as well as a location plan of burials. These are available for inspection by appointment , through one of our Church Wardens.

Book of Commemoration

If you would like your loved ones remembered in this book and prayed for on the Sunday preceding the anniversary of their death, please contact the Parish Office and fill in the form for the 'Book of Remembrance'

A simple guide to this big question is available here>>.
Christianity is about believing, relationships and community, the best way to find out about faith and prayer, to raise questions and to get help, is to meet some Christians which you can do at any of our services.

Read some of the real life experiences which show how life-changing the Christian message can be here>>.

Reading the Bible - A simple guide
A leaflet Reading the Bible: A simple guide' read here>>.

Smartphone App
The Time to Pray App to use on smartphones and tablets presents everything you need for Prayer During the Day, with variations according to the day of the week and the season of the Church’s year, details here>>.

Christian Prayer
Prayer is the way we keep in touch with God, this short guide may help you.

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