The Parish of Burchetts Green

on Palm Sunday to the four days of the Easter period - covering Maundy Thursday to Easter Day. Services were well-attended and there was a real sense of engagement with the story of our redemption by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

The story continues now towards the Ascension and Pentecost which again will be a time of celebration. We are so privileged to be able to express our faith freely and openly and we should be encouraged to do so.

I was in St. Alban's Abbey on Easter Day and the Dean preached a great sermon on the text 'woman, why are you weeping?', from John's gospel. He couldn't have known how relevant those words would be when he prepared his address on the resurrection. Weeping is the only possible reaction to the discovery that in grief and loss we confront the absolute reality of the love of Jesus which has the power to heal, sustain, forgive and bless. Mary Magdalene eventually recognised the risen Jesus when he spoke her name in the garden. T have seen the Lord!'

Our prayer must be that we will recognise the call of Jesus in our own life and feel forgiven, healed and blessed, able to continue to uphold our belief and encourage others to share our hope for a future - a future free from fear of expressing the love of Jesus to others we meet along the way. Every blessing

The blessing of easter by Rev Dilys

Easter has been a wonderful and uplifting celebration of our Christian faith, but in stark contrast, sadly, a time of immense pain and suffering for our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.

Who would have thought that as Easter Day dawned here, with the light of the risen Christ reflected in yet another gloriously warm sunny day that, just hours before, the darkness of yet another evil terrorist attack would rock the world and change celebration into mourning and weeping for the dead.

There is no doubt that the world is experiencing religious persecution - whether as seen in the attack in New Zealand on the mosque, when Muslims were at Friday prayers, or the attack on Christians in Sri Lanka, worshipping on our most Holy Easter Day.

No words can fully express the revulsion that is felt following such acts of destruction. The sanctity and dignity of human life is not something that a terrorist understands and they are to be pitied. All human life is precious, regardless of whatever belief system or religion we identify with.

By committing such acts of terrorism the perpetrators spread fear and the belief that nowhere is safe. That is how they operate. They are the cowards who promote psychological warfare as well as physical violence.

We have to be strong and resist their warped ideology and methodology so that they can never win.

Easter across our Parish was a very busy time, with a full complement of services from the start of Holy Week

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