The Parish of Burchetts Green

Loneliness is becoming an increasing problem, especially for the elderly and vulnerable members of society, but sadly children today are equally as likely to experience intense loneliness and rejection because of their ‘on line’ lives.


What might seem thrilling and exciting, away from parental oversight can and often does quickly lead to a different story of fear and exploitation.

Fear is an emotion that is essential for giving us warning of danger, preventing and protecting us from harmful situations. Children learn about danger through experience. However, when fear overwhelms us we become disabled and helpless in its grip.

We all know the huge sense of relief when we ‘escape’ from something that scared the life out of us, but the harmful attrition of ever present subliminal fear is destructive and harmful.  Sufferers of domestic violence and abuse, victims of human trafficking suffer physical, mental and emotional abuse and live in a permanent state of fear. We should be aware of all these shocking incidences where fear is the evil. Jesus taught us about loving our neighbour – yes even our enemy so as Christians we must raise awareness of the plight of the fearful.

Taking our discipleship seriously is about bringing friendship and support, being ready to listen and be a force for good in our communities.  Church should be the safe place where those who are fearful can find relief through the gospel message of love and through that love being worked out in practical ways.  By relieving loneliness we could really make a difference to the lives of many who are fearful and lost in our turbulent world of today.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and move forward with a renewed sense of optimism. Blessings

FEAR by Rev Dilys

The intense heat of summer has now receded to more normal values for our ‘green and pleasant land’.  We are just not used to such intense heat for a prolonged period of time and the recent rain has brought welcome relief, not only for the farmers and our gardens, but for our equanimity.

The summer months are frequently referred to as the ‘silly season’ when nothing of any substance is achieved and all kinds of rumour and gossip airs.

Journalists have column space to fill and the plentiful supply of tweets from various sources keeps the ball rolling.


Sporting events will always be in the news. Alongside all this of course we have the reports of tragedies, natural disasters and terrible crimes that continue to disturb and horrify.

Bubbling along underneath much of our way of life today is a sense of foreboding.  ‘Project fear’ was promoted during the referendum campaign and today it is raising its head again as deadlines loom on our exit from Europe and the uncertainty that surrounds terms and trade deals etc.

Many are fearful for how things will work out.  Again, fear stalks our streets as our cities are becoming more lawless through serious crime often drug fuelled.  The suspected recent terror attack once again in London outside Westminster makes people feel vulnerable as it’s impossible to know when or where the next attack might be.


There are less obvious fears that impact on all of our lives connected to a loss of trust; whether in institutions, the amount of reported cyber crime and the way we are increasingly de personalised through ‘tick box’ type analysis.

We are humans with a need to interact face to face with others in dialogue.