The Parish of Burchetts Green

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Parochial Church Council

The Reports for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting held on Sunday 24 April 2016 in the Soltau Centre, Stubbings have been published and are available in each of our churches and for download here>>.

Planning for the Future

This is a process that enables churches to discern the priorities God has for them, and to plan the activities they are going to undertake over the coming months and years.

A key part of the process is involving the whole church in identifying the vision for the future – a statement of what the church wants to become. The first statement of priorities and immediate practical goals has been prepared.


The Annual Report and Accounts of the Parochial Church Council for the year ended 31 December 2015 can be viewed here>>.

Year reviewed at APCM

Those attending the Annual Parochial Church Council (APCM) in April each received a copy of a booklet containing reports on the activities of the churches during the year, Vicar Keith also thanked all those involved and briefly commented on last year and what the coming year might bring.

During the formal business of the meeting the following were elected as churchwardens - Mary Cooper, Susan Harrington-Hill, Richard Moores and Jenny Robinson. Gill Wallis was thanked for her wonderful contribution to the Parish during her period as church warden for Stubbings.

Tom Dobinson and Elaine Mordaunt were elected as Deanery Synod repre sentatives and in this role are ex-officio members of the Parochial Church Council. Churchwardens, Vicar Keith and Revd Tina Molyneux are also ex-officio members. Other PCC members elected were - Rosalind Bentley, Sandra Brooks, Fiona Fieldhouse, Sally Gray, Hazel O'Connor, David Smith and Jane Smith.

PCC treasurer Richard Curry pre sented and explained the independently examined PCC accounts for the year ended December 31 2016 which showed a modest deficit on general funds. Richard, who stood down as treasurer at the APCM, was thanked for the exceptional quality of his work. David Smith will succeed Richard in that role.

Copies of the accounts and APCM booklet are available in the churches.